Avesso Story

Avesso is a sophisticated, “Eco Chic” clothing line inspired by real women from around the world. Utilizing only sustainable and vegan fabrics, we believe a garment should be made with quality, while above all remaining environmentally conscious.

Slow fashion is ethical fashion

By slowing down our production schedules we are able to lower our carbon footprint and maintain our zero-waste strategy, and minimizing fast fashion consumption will reduce unfair labor practices.

Because our brand utilizes only vegan fabrics– from surplus, sustainable or natural fabrics– we are helping to eliminate animal cruelty and exploitation for fashion sake. Avesso’s garments are designed with high quality to last for years to come– enabling you to buy less and preserve our clothing.

Uniquely Reversible

‘Avesso’ means opposite or reverse in Portuguese, our creator’s native language. Every Avesso garment is designed to be reversible or changeable in some way– giving each piece dual use and giving you more options with how to wear Avesso. This concept remains true to the Avesso name and supports our belief in creating clothing with quality.