• We are Uniquely Convertible

    ‘Avesso’ means opposite or reverse in Portuguese, our creator’s native language. True to meaning, we are not like other brands. Avesso is unique in the way we create and design our clothing. We redefine convertible apparel by creating non-seasonal versatile designs with a contemporary twist that can be worn in multiple ways or mixed and matched all year around.


  • We are Slow Fashion

    As we are non-seasonal, we create capsule collections consisting of a few essential items of functional clothing that can be worn all year around. This form of efficient production allows us to lower our carbon footprint, maintain a zero-waste strategy, and reduce unfair labor practices by minimizing fast fashion consumption. 

  • We are Ethically Crafted

    We are committed to sustainable fabrics and responsible production. Our clothing is made locally in trusted factories in Los Angeles, always under ethical conditions. Because our brand utilizes only vegan fabrics (from surplus, sustainable or natural sources), we are helping to eliminate animal cruelty and exploitation for fashion's sake. We make quality garments that allow you to buy less and wear longer.

Our Fabrics


A regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter. This fabric is similar to rayon with a silky touch (and often used as a silk substitute), but breathes and regulates body temperature like cotton. Cupro is a hypoallergenic, antistatic fabric that is resistant to stretching out of shape.


Lyocell and Modal

Cellulose fibers of botanic origin, extracted from wood. Production is extremely
eco-friendly due to a closed loop system.
It involves nontoxic solvents and does not release chemical by-products into the air. Textiles made of these fabrics are comfortable to wear and have properties similar to cotton.


A fiber fabric made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Bamboo grows without irrigation, so it is a great sustainable textile option. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial, UV protective, biodegradable, breathable, cool, strong, flexible, and soft. 


A natural fabric handmade from flax plant. Linen is an excellent choice of fabric for summer as it allows air to penetrate and keep the body cool. It is also very strong, comfortable, lightweight yet durable, and doesn’t stretch over time.

Organic Cotton

A soft, absorbent and breathable natural fiber, making it perfect for clothing worn close to the skin. Cotton keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. Organic cotton is non-allergenic and is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is often made from existing polyester fibers, a process that requires very little water and leaves little waste behind. Polyester fabric is durable, strong, wrinkle resistant, comfortable and economical.


Avesso is so unique and fun! There are so many ways to wear it! Each piece is functional and easily changed for any occasion. I have the reversible Elena dress and the Flora 6 Ways Set. They both have wonderful quality and are beautiful.

I just LOVE Avesso and how the clothes make me feel like a princess! My fave piece is the Karen Top --5 stars for the flower print and the beautiful cleavage!

Thank you!
I can't wait to wear my Flora Six Ways this fall